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Outdoor Multi-Router 3-2

New Design! 5Ghz! The Ferimex Outdoor Multi-Router 3-2 is a special router with 3 ethernet ports, 2 wireless ports, and MikroTik software. The wireless ports work in 2,4 Ghz and all 5Ghz frequency bands. Suitable for use in all weather conditions and powered by ethernet cable.The performance has been improved! 60 Mbps maximum transfer speed. And price has been lowered!

This multi-function router is based on MikroTik RouterOS™ software. The large number of features and its powerful 680MHz MIPS processor use of this device in almost any network configuration. The most important functions are:
  • PPoE server, PPoE client
  • static routing
  • RIP, OSPF, BGP routing
  • bridging and bonding of interfaces
  • Network Address Translation
  • packet filter
  • stateful firewall
  • DNS cache
  • DHCP client/server/relay
  • web-based hotspot function
  • IPsec
  • UPnp
  • TFTP Server
  • Radius server
  • MLPS
  • VLPS
  • simple queues and queue tree
  • plenty of diagnostic tools
  • and many others
Manufacturer Ferimex IT
Purpose multi-function router
Software MikroTik RouterOS™
Processor 680MHz MIPS
Ethernet LAN 3x 10/100Base-T
Wireless port 2x 2,4 Ghz/5Ghz 802.11a+b+g
Chipset Atheros AR5414
Output Power/
Receive Sensitivity
IEEE 802.11a: 17dBm/-88dBm @ 6Mbps
  13dBm/-71dBm @ 54Mbps
IEEE 802.11b: 19dBm/-95dBm @ 1Mbps
  19dBm/-90dBm @ 11Mbps
IEEE 802.11g: 18dBm/-90dBm @ 6 Mbps
  15dBm/-73dBm @ 54Mbps
Connector 2x SMA reverse polarity
Power supply POE, 802.3af
Warranty 2 years
Temperature range -20 to +50C ( operating )
Humidity of surroundings max. 95% (non-condensing)

Download the Installation manual, Configuration manual or Quick Guide how to configure point-to-point connection step by step.
Outdoor Use
The Ferimex Outdoor Multi-Router 3-2 is designed for outdoor use. It resists all weather conditions and can be used in a wide temperature range from -25C to +50 C.

Power supply

Power and signal are supplied through ethernet cable to the device by a Power-Over-Ethernet power supply (PoE injector), which is included free. It uses Active PoE based on IEEE 802.11af standard. Offer stable power with Ethernet cables long up to 100 meters.

Maximum length of Ethernet cable depends on cable quality. We recommend to use Cat 5e cable.

The Ferimex Outdoor Multi-Router 3-2 has 3 ethernet ports and 2 WLAN ports. The port Ether 1 is compatible with IEEE 802.3af Power Over Ethernet. Any of the 2 WLAN ports can be configured for 2,4 Ghz or 5Ghz frequency bands! You can use any of the following operating modes: ap, bridge, nstreme dual, station, wds, alignment only.

We recommend to use 2-meter Pigtail N/M - SMA reverse polarity to connect the device with antennas. The recommended antennas are:

We recommend you use an Ethernet Protector with this equipment, to protect from electrical surges.

Thanks to the number of ethernet and wireless interfaces, the Outdoor Multi-Router can be used in many different situations. These are a few examples:

- An access point with direct connection to the backbone. The directional antenna connected to one WLAN port supplies the connection to the backbone network. The other WLAN port connected to the omnidirectional antenna supplies last-mile connections to the customer.
- A relay point with a single device and two directional antennas.

In all cases you can use the ethernet ports to connect the Outdoor Multi-Router to another device or to a customer.
This device also offers QoS functions. Due to limitations of the processor this device is not suitable for extensive traffic shaping. But you can use it to manage the traffic of a few customers. We offer the MikroTik RB1000 for managing traffic from many customers.

Dual Nstreme
WLAN ports of the Outdoor Multi-Router 3-2 can be configured in Dual Nstreme mode. With two Outdoor Multi-Router 3-2 and four directional antennas you can create two parallel point-to-point connections on different frequencies. This provides an advantage of full duplex point-to-point connection. In this operating mode you can get 60Mbps transfer speed or more!

The device can be fully configured using Winbox Graphical configuration interface. The Winbox interface runs on any Windows operating system. You can download the Winbox application directly from the built-in web server of the device. The device can be also be configured by the command prompt available through telnet, SSH or MAC telnet. The web interface allows basic configuration and nice visualization of graphs for different parameters.

WinBOX configuration interface:

Enhanced web graphing:

Web management and configuration:

Read the important FAQ with answers to our customers' questions.

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