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Indoor Access Points And Client Devices
5 GHz Antennas 2,4 GHz Antennas 5 GHz Outdoor Solution 2,4 GHz Outdoor Solution Accessories

FX-551 5Ghz

New! 5Ghz! Wireless 11a+b+g Dual-Band Access Point. The basic device for making 5 GHz connections, can also work as 2.4 GHz access point! Works as a client device too. Make an outdoor connection at 5 GHz or setup an indoor 2.4 GHz network! More info


Best Buy! WA-2204A WLAN broadband 802.11g AP Router. Easy internet connection sharing. 4x LAN, 1x WAN Successor of SparkLAN WRTR-141 and WAPR-141. More info

SparkLAN WAPR-141

Sold Out! Order WA-2204A instead. WA-2204A has the same firmware and fucntions but 4 LAN ports more.

54 Mbps Multi-mode AP. Most popular device sold by Ferimex! Can be used as an Access Point (hotspot) device, or as a Client device. Flexible and cheap. An indoor device, but can be connected by a pigtail to an outdoor antenna for connections of several kilometers! More info

USB Adapter EL-3154

USB 802.11g adapter with 54 Mbps transfer speed. Comes with detachable short-range antenna, perfect for connecting computers together inside a building. The SMA rp connector allows you to attach an external high-gain antenna for long-range connections. Ideal for use on yachts to connect with marina hotspots. Software drivers are available for almost any operating system. More info

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